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Longfellow School Mission:


     Longfellow's mission is to enable our student body to achieve academic excellence and make positive contributions to our world.


Longfellow School Vision:


     We strive to achieve this mission by nurturing our students' interests, embracing our students' diverse families, cultures, and communities, and developing skill sets necessary for college and career readiness. Our school provides an equally rich educational experience for all. Our campus is a safe space where all community members truly belong.

     We set high expectations while providing consistent and thoughtful support. The teachers of Longfellow measure their own success by how much their students grow and learn. We know that people learn best when they persisit and stuggle to gain new understanding. Both students and teachers develop their knowledge through reflection, collaboration, and meaningful work.

     Longfellow is an interdependent community of learners, that celebrates the shared endeavor as much as individual achievement. We inspire students to become agents of change who are hopeful about the future.



A Brief Timeline of Longfellow Middle School:


  • The school was named for Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882), an American poet and educator. Read his biography and works.

  • The Longfellow School was originally located at the current Washington School site. In 1897 a building was constructed at Bancroft Way. The architect was the Cunningham Brothers. The first principal was Miss Emelie Bergen.

  • In 1905 the building was moved to California and Ward Street, the site of the current school. The property did not reach as far as Sacramento Street. In 1907 there were 186 students enrolled at Longfellow School. Soon after the building was moved, the mass transit lines were established on both California and Sacramento Streets. This caused some safety concerns for the school.

  • In 1922 a new building was built. The architect was William C. Hayes. In 1930 an addition was added to the school. The architect was James W. Plachek. In 1926 there were 533 students enrolled at the school. The building was retrofitted in 1935. The western and eastern appearances changed dramatically in this retrofit.

  • By 1931, it was an elementary school with grades Kindergarten through sixth.

  • In 1963 the annex was constructed. The architect was Lockwood, Apaydin and Angel Architects.

  • By 1964 it was an intermediate school with four through sixth grade.

  • By 1970 the student population had grown to 1,018.

  • In 1995 the school became a middle school. In 1996 the architect firm of Elbasani and Logan (ELS) was hired to design a new building, a partial retrofit of the main building, and demolition of the annex and a portion of the main building. Construction took approximately two years and was completed by Fall 2000. Part of the main building retrofit including renovation of the historic theater space.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Old Longfellow School

Renovated auditorium

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