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Longfellow students all participate in a 7 period day. This is a unique feature of Longfellow and we are very proud of all the work it took to get this approved. Additionally, all students at Longfellow have the potential and ability to achieve academically. With Nationally Board Certified Algebra teachers, every 8th grader has the support they need to flourish in 8th grade Algebra.  Our English department offers a rigorous and well-supported writing and reading program that has created an entire school of avid and habitual readers.  Longfellow students always have a book in hand.  Our science teachers offer hands-on learning opportunities as well as field trips to open the worlds of physical and life sciences.  Our social studies teachers guide students through the worlds of ancient peoples, medieval times all the way through to the founding of America.  We provide enrichment classes to students who need additional support with academics, as well as elective courses such as Art, Spanish, Drama, Computers, and Publishing. Teachers at Longfellow participate in a variety of staff development programs including GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design), Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices, and how to use data to drive instruction through Professional Learning Communities (PLC).  They also collaborate regularly around best practices and standards-based lesson planning.


Above and beyond the school-day curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of specialized academic support groups such as the Berkeley Scholars to CAL program, after-school homework centers, and the ELL homework center for English Language Learners.  Several of our teachers work in the extended day program so that they can best support students who they work with during the regular school day.


Required Subjects:





Physical Education




Computer Classes                              



Two-Way Immersion


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