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The first $15 of your donation goes toward PTA membership

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Welcome to Our Longfellow Community Family! 


We are excited to have you and your family here!


We are an amazing school, ready to do more wonderful things for our school community!

Our Longfellow PTA funds:


  • Afterschool sports coaches, uniforms, equipment & trophies

  • Binder Planners for every student

  • Field trips to bring curriculum to life

  • 8th grade Dinner Dance financial and logistical support

  • Open House and Science Fair dinner

  • Career Day and Caring Elders Day

  • AVID college campus visits

  • and SO MUCH MORE!!

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Dues are $15 per person, $20 per family

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The Longfellow PTA is a non-profit organization. Donations 

are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Our tax ID number is 94-6181762

This is what your donation to the PTA will fund this year:

$15,000 for field trip transportation at every grade level to reinforce curriculum

   - 6th grade - Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose during the unit on ancient Egypt

   - 7th grade - Tide pools south of Half Moon Bay during the marine life unit

   - 8th grade - California State Capitol in Sacramento during the US government unit

   - UC Davis/Sac State for an AVID class retreat and university campus visit

   - Yosemite National Park for the amazing annual Nature Bridge program

$4,200 for the after school sports program  This funds team uniforms and

  equipment. While many of the schools in our league have a pay to play policy,

  Longfellow does not charge a fee. This ensures all students who want to be on a

  sports team can be - 40% of our students are on at least one team.

$5,000 for school-wide events and cultural heritage celebrations  which include

community building events such as the Welcome Fair, Dia de los Muertos Celebration, Caring Elders Day, culture assemblies, 8th grade dinner dance, promotion medals, and much more.

$3,750 for teacher mini grants  This supports teacher innovation and specialized materials. Past grants have funded:

    - Longfellow's literary magazine, Word Street Press

    - Raspberry Pi robots and Mouse Squad supplies

    - Full inclusion supplies 

    - Pilot reading program supplies

$4,850 for positive school culture   which includes a free binder planner for every student, parent-teacher conferences dinner, support for staff retreat and

appreciation week, etc..


We are striving for a 100% parent participation in donations! No matter the amount of your donation, from $5.00 to $500 to $5,000, we ask that parents generously give what you can!  If your workplace matches donations to non-profits and educational instututions, we can assist you in securing a match for your gift.


We understand that not everyone can give a monetary donation. 

Please consider giving some of your time, talents, or expertise! 

We need your support to create another fantastic and academically-enriched year!

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