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Our Four School Expectations are:


  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Be Safe

  • Be an Ally

Longfellow School Counseling & Positive School Culture Department Mission:


To provide student support in the fields of academics, social/emotional health awareness, and career focus. The counseling team aims to help all students achieve their personal best through one-on-one counseling, group counseling, conflict mediation, prevention and early intervention.


Longfellow Middle School Counseling and Positive School Culture Program provides weekly counseling to over 100 students and nearly 1,000 unscheduled counseling sessions annually. We strive to foster an environment of safety and acceptance for all 

students through:


  • Be An Ally Month

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness

  • Black History Celebrations 

  • LGBT Awareness & Day of Silence 

  • Caring Elders Day

  • Latino Heritage Celebrations

  • Career Day

  • Asian American Pacific Islander Month

Counseling Services:


Students can come to ROOM 1 - the Counseling Center Room. It is located near the cafeteria and locker rooms. Students can request to see a counselor, join a group, or 

come by and share an issue or celebrate an achievement. 



  • Individual Counseling

  • Group Counseling


Including: Crisis Interventions, Conflict Resolutions, Peer Support, Mediations, Guidance Lessons, Psycho-Education, Mentoring, Nutritional Guidance, Academic 

Support, Career Exploration.


*We also provide collaboration with the City of Berkeley’s Recreation programs and we support the Justice in Action program as an alternative to suspension.


** Students must have a signed permission slip in order to participate in long-term counseling. Permission slips are available in Room 1. They may drop-in for counseling 

without a permission slip.

Please Help Support the Longfellow Counseling Team!


The counseling team at Longfellow is significantly large, and provides extensive prevention and intervention services to our school community. Middle School is a critical time in the psycho-social and identity development for youth. We are able to support each studentwhere they are - celebrating their successes and helping them process any sadness.


We appreciate the PTA's support of our program, and the generous support from BPEF.


There are a few other items that would help us in helping your children, many of which maybe stored in your garage, or around your home. The counseling team is requesting some:


  • nice potted plants 

  • complete sets of board games

  • art supplies (markers, crayons, paper, glue, beading materials, magazines, clay...)

  • materials that would be helpful in creating a portable therapy set, this could be a smallish wheeled cart, on which matching bins can be attached, and/or a portable sand tray set or other method of transporting play therapy materials from room to room. gently used puppets

  • figurines to add to our sand tray collection. 

  • As always, tissues welcome! 


These items may be dropped off in the front office of Longfellow, or brought down to Room 1. Please include your email address so we may thank you for your donation.

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