Slide Ranch Field Trip


Slide Ranch offers experiencial learning in a beautiful setting. Through hands-on learning, teamwork and physical activity, the children develop a stronger sense of self, respect for the natural environment, and are given tools with which to make decisions and choices about healthy food and healthy living. The theme of food is used as the universal springboard to teach about an appreciation for the people who grow and raise the food, the soil in which it is grown, the animals that provide food, and the importance of composting and recycling. When children make a sensory, positive connection with the natural environment and healthy food, the experience transforms their general approach to the outdoors, nutrition, health and themselves.

6th Grade Carnival


The carnival was held on Friday, Oct. 30, as part of the first student incentive day. Once again, teacher Mary Patterson organized a fabulous event for the sixth graders. Thank you to all the teachers, parents, and upper classmen who helped make the carnival run well and to the parents who baked for the Cake Walk. As you can see below, there was no shortage of treats!


Planting the New Garden


In October of 2015, Ms. Solis' science classes planted the sixth grade beds in the new garden. After considering the space, what plants grow this time of year, and what plants compliment one another, each group planned their bed. The students walked to nearby Spiral Gardens and selected their plants, with the advice (and generosity) of the Sprial Gardens staff. The following day, the groups planted their plants and began tending them.

Spiral Gardens 

Planting on Campus

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