August 15, 2019


Hello new and returning Tiger Families,

I write this letter with a heart and mind full of excitement, hopes, dreams, but mostly goals for Longfellow. As you prepare to join us for the 2019-20 school year, please know that last spring and this summer has been filled with hours of work and planning time with staff and parents that care deeply for Longfellow. They have been working hard to make sure this year provides clear proof that we are Tigers on the rise! Whether you are new or returning, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have chosen to have your student(s) join a community with high expectations and commitment to win, always. We realize that to ensure growth for all students, it takes a concerted, strategic effort. It also takes joy and willingness to be in COMMUNITY with one another. I want to share a couple of major shifts for Longfellow in 2019-20 year; our Community Values, our focused Instructional Frames, and our new Vice Principal, Doreen Bracamontes.


Longfellow Tiger Community Values
We want to promote Longfellow students, families, and teachers to return to Longfellow and be a REAL Tigers. These values work in English or Spanish. They encapsulate our PBIS expectations with community-wide responsibilities. At Longfellow Middle School, home of the Tigers, we strive to be genuine, authentic... REAL. When a Tiger is being REAL, they are holding to our community values: Being  Respectful, Engaged, Allies/Advocates and Learners. See the attached pages for details on our new Community Values, which will also be included in the Parent/Student Handbook inside the Longfellow Student Planner.


Longfellow Instructional Frames

Over the 2018-19 school year, we refined the definition of learning at Longfellow. Because we envision our graduates as critical thinkers who have agency and are empowered to engage, advocate, and lead, we have created a learning environment that supports this. Our teachers utilize culturally responsive methods and teaching practices that are proven predictors of success for diverse middle school learning communities.  We have clarified how Longfellow students and teachers learn and grow together, rooted in the AVID Framework and integrated learning. Please see the attached chart for details. Longfellow is an incredibly diverse middle school. We understand where our students are academically and developmentally. We plan and act with students’ needs  in mind. We look forward to building community with you this year. 


Here are some important dates to set aside:

  • Phase 2-5 of site registration:  August 13th-20th

  • Welcome Fair:   August 23rd

    • 8th Graders,  LAST NAME : A-L  (Arrive 9:30 AM)       LAST NAME: M-Z     (Arrive 10:00 AM

    • 7th Graders,  LAST NAME: A-L  (Arrive  11:30 AM)     LAST NAME: M-Z    (Arrive 12:00 PM)

    • 6th Graders & Families New to Longfellow (any grade)
      LAST NAME: A-L  (Arrive 1:30 PM)      LAST NAME:  M-Z  (Arrive 2:00 PM)


  • First Day of School:   August 26th

  • Labor Day Holiday:   September 2nd

  • Back to School:   September 12th

In Community,


Stacey Wyatt




     ◈ Respectful - We appreciate the value of ourselves and each other as worthy of the thoughtful consideration that all persons deserve. We respect each student’s right to learn and each teacher’s right to teach.


     ◈ Engaged - We rise to challenges, connect to ideas, and care about our community and our place in it. We are passionate and active in our lives and our learning. 


     ◈ Allies/Advocates - We are allies who learn how and when to use our voices, and act as advocates for ourselves, our peers, and our community. Advocates and allies work to improve and do good in the world.   


      ◈ Learners - We challenge ourselves to stretch and grow academically, socially, and emotionally. We reflect on what we have learned, what we still need to learn, and what we can do to achieve new goals. 


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